Thursday, September 28, 2006


In other self-obsessed news...

I get very easily bored with things. Clothes, food, men... ok maybe not men. But definitely hair. I change my hair a lot (at least that's what people say) but it's always within the same parameters of my basic hairstyle. But now, I want a CHANGE and I need your help. I've created a bunch of mock-ups of what I might look like with different haircuts and I need you guys to help me choose the best one. Whichever style gets the most votes wins.

I'll keep my comments on each one minimal so as not to sway your votes.

Let's begin.

The "SJP when she still smoked and talked to the camera on S&TC" hairstyle.

The "I'm a REALLY REALLY big Oprah fan" hairstyle (in red).

The "How the hell did Kim Catrall ever pull off this hairstyle" hairstyle. (I think it was because we were all looking at her OTHER hairstyle most of the time. You know what I mean. Wink Wink.)

The "I've got a stick up my bum."

The "Cocker Spaniel" (a.k.a. Sheryl Crow)

The "So cool I can ironically wear my hair silver" hairstyle.

The "I'm wild in the bedroom" hairstyle.

The "I'm wild in the bedroom at 90" hairstyle.

The "Maybe this sassy Latino hairstyle will detract from my non-Latino, flat ass" hairstyle.

The "I have Halle Berry's hairstyle from when she was in that movie where she showed her boobs. Not that movie. The OTHER one." hairstyle.

The "Halle Berry has awesome boobies, right?" hairstyle (in blonde).

The "Jennifer Aniston should have stayed with Brad Pitt. Dating Vince Vaughn was such a downgrade." hairstyle.

That's it. Now get to votin.

Oh... and have a great day, will you please?



1 comment:

Thadd said...

You are KILLING ME! I'd go for 3, but I'm liking the browns too. Maybe a softer lighter color to match your luscious skin tone.