Wednesday, September 27, 2006


As a lady, I'd like just about anything from Tiffany's. Who doesn't want their very own turquoise box? I even, at the recommendation of Kate T, sent my friend two Tiffany beer mugs as a congratulatory gift for opening her dental office. Update: She is 27 and has her own dental office. I am 27 and have my own ceramic hair straightener. Maybe I should have gone to college?

But can we please all agree that these necklaces will never, ever be around my neck?

They're by a designer named Frank Gehry. Frank's jewelry looks like he was all, "Look at dees reeng. Eet ees so peculeyar! Unt Squuuare. Eet weel go on yur fingur. You beetch!"

(I actually kind of love this ring but it would literally consume my teeny, baby fingers. Did I mention I have child hands? I do. They are freakish.)

PLEEEEASE, Frank. You're trying to hard. Your stuff looks like it was designed while reading Dr. Suess.

Then again... it's Tiffany so it's going on my wishlist!

Update: I've recently learned (as you'll see from the comments) that Frank is an architect. Does that make those necklaces ANY BETTER? I didn't think so.


J.B. said...

I too have been a little "weepy" for some of the Durango experiences I had in the past. J.B.

J.B. said...

damn I suck at the internet. that comment was supposed to go on your entry below. J.B.

spo said...

Frank Gehry is a famous architect, that is why he is having trouble with his new jewelry line.

Glennis said...

Shit, you beat me to it. Liz totes told me that! I guess he designed some museum somewhere?? (Kidding... I know it was the Spanish Guggenheim)

Thanks to you too, Spo!