Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Home, Home on the Range

Did y'all watch Oprah yesterday?? Didja?? If you did then you saw my hometown where I was born and bred. That's right, good old Durango, Colorado about which Ops said, "I love this town. I love love this town!"

I was home sick yesterday and while laying there, clinging to life, the images of my home really made me weepy. It really is an amazing place.

Isn't it quaint?

Oprah and Gail when to eat at one of the best restaurants in Durango, The Palace. That's where I had dinner before prom!

My date and I dressed to the nines. No, seriously. That is really dressed up for Durango. We were voted worst dressed town in America. Seriously.

But the best part of the show was when Ops and Gail went to take a picture in an old timey photo place. I used to WORK THERE, DUDES! I mean, come on. Why couldn't she have come through when I was there. It would have made the worst job on EARTH much more bearable. (And when I say worst, I mean it. Yeah it's all fun and games until a 400 lb dude from Texas comes in and I have to reach between his legs to put chaps on him while he lets silent meat-farts loose in my face.)

The most exciting thing that happened to me in Durango (celebrity-wise) was when Ricky Schroeder and his family came into the Ice Cream place I worked in (where I got to wear cow-print clothing) and I served them. And then stood behind the counter staring at them. Ok, just him. And yes, I did serve him with a silver spoon. Heyooo!

Ops also mentioned the Strater Hotel which is the oldest hotel in Durango and which houses the Diamond Circle Theatre where I used to perform as a kid. It really makes me think of the time my best friend Brittany and I went to see a variety vaudeville show there and pretended we were from France. We had the whole cast referencing French stuff (mostly fries) and we just sat and giggled. In French. Oh my god we were such nerds.

Man oh man did this show make me nostalgic!

I definitely didn't take advantage of all Durango had to offer. I never skied (well, once and I about died on the bunny hill) and I didn't raft or kayak. I mountain biked a little but not much. Oh but I did take advantage of their sweet supply of hippie weed.

Another great part of the show was when Oprah said, "everyone is so fit here!" as she was talking to a woman on her mountain bike. She just kept saying it over and over "everyone's so fit!" and from behind her the camera catches a heavy woman saying, "I'm from Texas!"


In closing: Durango is awesome. So is the truck and the boots.




Kirbdawg said...

I saw it tooo!!! I was so excited and homesick to see DGO!!

natasha said...

No way!! That's really exciting!! I saw that and I thought it was a beautiful place to live too. Also, I'm a copy cat.

Susan M said...

Durango is a pain to get to, but it;s pretty cool.

*just googled Durango and this blog came up*