Friday, September 22, 2006

Open Your Eyes

Let's see how this posting from my treo works.

I just had my face peeled, stabbed, tugged, yanked and all in the name of love. No, I mean beauty. I'm trying to say I got a facial again. This time I got microdermabrasion because i'm not getting any younger! The lovely Russian I'm forgetting the title here. Anywhosyerdaddy... She said it would help with fine lines. Ha! I showed her! My face is too fat to show fine lines!

My face now looks like I've been stung by 1 bee with 4billion stingers. And I got the pleasure of going home like that. Ah but who am I trying to impress, am I right people?

This is gonna be a short one because of the Treo and all... but I had one of the worst dreams of my life last night. I can't get online to analyze it yet but tomorrow we'll see what all this sick twisted crap inside me means.

So... in the dream I'm at a party with some friends. Me, three girls, and my friend Lindsey (not her name but she is a real person in my life). We leave and tell Lindsey to meet us at home. Cut to my apartment. We are in the kitchen when we hear a knock on the door. I don't know what, but something feels wrong. The other 3 girls walk over to open the door. I can see them, but not what's outside. They open the door and start screaming and crying, "Oh my god! Lindsey! What happened!" I run over and see Lindsey laying face down. She is soaking wet and is laying, from the waist down, in a large metal trash can. The back of her head is partly bald because someone has ripped the hair out of her head. She rolls over so we can see her face. I'm screaming, "we have to take her to the hospital!" but the minute I see her face, I know she'll die. It looks as if someone took an over-ripe melon and flattened one side. There was no blood. Just a big bruise on her cheek getting worse and worse.

I woke up from that dream scared like I haven't been scared in a long time. The feeling is slow leaving me today. I can't wait to see what my therapist thinks of this.


Chris Matthias said...

Wow. Very unpleasant. I bet this was way more unpleasant than the dream you had of me and my twin brother. I didn't hear the details of THAT dream, but one can imagine.

Lynn said...

Your friend LINdsey?
Also, tell us more about the microdermabrasion.

Self-obsessed Lynn

Liz said...

This is why I never write down my dreams. I'd rather keep that 1/3rd of my life pleasantly located forever in my subconscious. Although sometimes I sing in my dreams and lord knows I could use help in that department in my regular conscious.

Glennis said...

You sing in your dreams?!? That is the most adorable thing ever!!

liz said...

Not out loud like sleep-talkers. I just sing and can do like, vibrado and shit. Like most normal people can.