Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I'm sick. I have to go record a voice over for 2 hours (literally two hours straight) and I'm sick. It serves me right! I should have stayed in and gone to bed instead of going out to BED! Oh life, you win this time.

I'll try to get back on the write more later but don't hold your breath. Unless you're in close proximity to me because I am filled with germs. I should lysol this keyboard.

Have a great day!




Ben said...

I am finding this hilarious, because this thing is slowly moving around the improv blogoshpere claiming folks along the way. If it's the same nasty thing, it ran rampant at UCB last week infecting half my class and got me yesterday.

Sicknesses are like biological chain-mail letters.

Dan Dickinson said...

I think there's been some general thing floating around NYC. Although maybe I picked it up from UCB?

Glennis, you obviously need one of these.

Feel better! Best of luck with the VO!

Michelle from Canaduh said...

I'm sick too :( bah.