Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Thoughts

Today's another of those, "I haven't thought of a good blog entry so I'll just talk about a bunch of stuff no one cares about" posts. Why do you read this dribble, people??

First. You know that commercial where the people are sitting in France blehblehblehing in French at a table and a disgusting lump of hair and water falls on the table? Whatever that product is... the drain pusher thing... I used that last night on my sink which was backed up and disgusting. AND IT WORKED! I stood there for a second staring at my clean, empty sink and I thought, "I really dowonder where it goes..." Then I turned around and got my answer. It goes into my bathtub. Hooray!! Gross.

Second. My friend Brendon sent me a hilarious picture of us that he submitted to where you upload a picture and it tells you which celebrities you look like. I did it for me and my crazy San Fran grampy and I'm dying, you guys. Look what it came up with:

So funny. Grampa looks like Tarja Turunen (whoever that is). And I look like Christina Ricci? Really? Ehn. The one my friend did was a little more accurate. Try it out! Let me know who comes up for you!

I am finally going to post something I've been talking about for years. This is a woman's desk in my office. I call her "cat lady" (original) because she has 2 cats but about 20 framed pictures of them (along with a framed picture of everyone else in the world she knows plus I think a few world leaders) on her desk. We know how much work she gets done, yes?

Tonight I'm going to Hell House which makes me giddy. I'm not sure if everyone knows what it is so you can read about it here. (That's my talented friend Julie Klausner in the picture as "Abortion Girl.")

I'm sure I'll have a full update tomorrow for you guys when I'm sitting at home waiting for... my new couch to be delivered!!

One last thing. I think this picture of me finishing the 1/2 marathon really just sums me up perfectly, don't you think?

Kinda cute and slightly retarded.

Have a great day, y'allz!




Kate said...

so cute Glennis! Congrats!

Jeffrey Marx said...

I wonder if we could just exchange our shower for the guy next doors shower. He wouldn't notice, would he?

Dopey LaRue said...

The face recognizer thing just told me I look like BOB DYLAN. I hate the face thingy! I'm a girl, damnit!