Friday, March 30, 2007


Guys, I'm alive. I did not die from dehydration, nor did I literally puke my guts up through my mouth. Though I did puke through my nose AND get my period while I was going through all of this. I also cried a little bit so I had stuff coming from every orifice except my ears.

I watched so much TV over the past two days it's retarded. I watched almost all of the Iconoclasts series which confirmed that Renee Zellweger is the most annoying person on earth. The one with Paul Simon and Lorne Michaels is awesome (Paul is the most ADORABLE person on Earth). And I, of course, loved the one with Redford and Newman. Hearts. Also, if I have to see another goddamn commercial for the Happy Feet DVD I am going to shoot myself. Every single channel I watched had that commercial!! Oh and King of Queens... not a bad show. I've never really watched it and I gotta say - not bad! (Am I crazy? Was that the fever talking?)

But I think the most disgusting thing I watched was the VH1 show "The Search for The Next Coyote Ugly." The woman who started Coyote Ugly (is that a bar or a type of girl? I'm not sure.) ran a search to find the next hot Coyote Ugly girl. Now I don't really have a problem with dancing on the bar (as we all saw I did it - kinda - in Mexico) or with bar tending or with being sexy or with flaunting it...but this show was like the bottom of the barrel. These girls were just plain sad. Sorry but it's true. I was in the mood for trashy TV but even that was too sad to watch.

I bought "Invincible" on Movies on Demand cuz what can I say, I'm in love with Mark Wahlberg (and have been since "Fear" thank you very much) and I was so drained and tired that I cried at just about every turn. So yes, I think that was a great movie (also it's based on a true story so the tears were DOUBLED).

And I finally saw Brigadoon because it was on Free Movies on Demand and JESUS is that a terrible musical. The accents alone! TERRIBLE! Yeesh.

And that's about all I have to report from the comfort of my bed. I got up this morning to record a voice over for Lifetime (for "Can you Handle the Truth" Thursdays at 8pm! Listen for me!) and it seriously took the life(time) out of me. (heyoo) Exhausted. So now I'll rest a bit more, eat some delicious bread that Liz MADE for me (seriously you have no idea how good this stuff is - also it's about all I can eat right now) and watch a few hundred more hours of mind-numbing television.

Hope no one else caught the virus!!



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