Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wanted: Personal Photographer

As anyone who knows me can attest I enjoy having my picture taken. I enjoy it so much in fact that Carrie was able to delete a very incriminating photo of herself off my camera just by telling me to pose while she "figured my camera out." Sneaky bastard! I specifically enjoy taking pictures of myself because after all who can capture a picture better than the very subject of that picture? Well that's what I've always thought. But now here we are, 7,000+ pictures into my flickr account and I'm growing a bit weary of the self portraits.

First of all you can always see the upper portion of my arm and it's never really all that flattering is it?

It is in fact an arm and not some random leg that found its way into the picture.

Second all my self-portraits are taken from and arms-length away therefore never showing my darling hips, delectable knees or perfect little feet.

A rare glimpse.

Third there are no candid moments. Even when I try to take a completely spontaneous photo there's always a little part of me posing it up.

Oh! You caught me off guard!

Fourth I believe that with a photographer other than myself there might actually be some shots of other people included. And I'd like that, believe it or not.

[Insert picture of someone other than myself here...once I have one.]

Therefore I, Glennis McMurray, am seeking an amazing photographer to follow me around to all major events in my life documenting each and every moment. These events will include (but are not limited to) birthdays, friends birthdays, shows, Friday night drinking, Saturday night drinking, Sunday morning sleep ins, etc. I will pay you in delicate kisses upon your cheek, beer and the occassional under the shirt boob touch. And yes, ladies, I'm talking to you too. You will be responsible for not only capturing adorable moments but making sure no incriminating moments are caught on camera. (Vomiting, making out with some random dude, vomiting while making out with some random dude...)

I must request you be on call for me 24 hours a day as I live a very sporadic life. Who knows when a pal might call me up for a drink? I'll need you to be there, camera in hand, before I get drunk and unattractive.

No experience necessary.

Send photos (of me) that you have taken (of me) to glennislovesglennis[at]gmail[dot]com.

My birthday is coming up which will provide a hefty night of photography for you. You might want to look into an assistant.

Thank you and I look forward to working with one of you!




Liz said...

Dear Glennis
I will be your photographer. You are gorgeous. Your skin is gorgeous. I'm putting the lotion in the basket for you.


Anonymous said...

I am totally down! I actually thought of starting a business like this a few years ago.

Matt Stinton said...

Oh, this is Matty by the way.