Friday, March 23, 2007

Rock My Shoelaces Off!

Last night, after a looooong-ass day of work and an impending cold (I just sneezed) Miss Erin Rose Foley and I took our fine asses to the Path train, took that fancy old Path train to New Jersey and saw us some friggin Decemberists!!

Now, I've been a fan of them since my ex played Leslie Ann Levine for me in the car in LA. I made him play it over and over about 50 times (literally) on that trip and bless his heart he played it every time. And if you don't know, Leslie Ann Levine is about a dead baby. Awwww.

The show was right off the Journal Square stop at the gorgeous old Landmark Lowe's Theatre. We ventured next door to a Restaurant (& packaged goods...?) next door that was a bar upstairs which we walked through, walked down the stairs and came upon an adorable Italian eatery. Adorable like a rec room from the 70s. Adorable like the cashier didn't say one word to us when he sat us (at a table where the employees stored their crap - jackets, papers, guns). Adorable like everyone stared at us when we walked in as if we were strangers in this place. Well, we were. But honestly the food was great and as I repeated 4 times while eating, cheap. A HUGE loaf of garlic bread for $1.50!?! WHAT!? Where are we, Prague!?!

So after our delish meal, and after getting our tickets, and after buying t-shirts (yes ma'am they are adorable) we sat down and waited for the most adorable of sick and twisted bands, The Decemberists.

Now, if I wasn't in love with Colin Meloy before I sure as hell am now. The man is ADORABLE. In his seersucker suit and his glasses, talking about what a "rocking" band they were in. Joking around when his shoelaces became untied not once but twice that he'd rocked them off. I mean the show was wonderful. The best part was The Mariner's Revenge when the band stood at the foot of the stage and performed the shit out of that song - the drummer bouncing and jigging across the stage. And we got to perform, too! In more than one song he asked for audience participation which you KNOW I loved. During The Mariner's Revenge we were asked to scream when we were eaten by a whale and to our delight a huge puppet whale came out on stage swimming around the band members! (Somewhat like a Japanese Dragon)

I must make this post short because I do indeed have to start my day but let me just say that if you have a chance to see them in concert please don't miss it. I have been unable to go for years because of conflicts in scheduling and damn it...this was SO worth it.

And will you please have a great day? Thanks!



PS - Look out for my I Eat Pandas interview on Gothamist today! I don't know when it will be posted and I'll be away from my computer almost all day!! xoxo

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g.m.s. said...

Agreed. What an effin' awesome show...My head's been spinning all night and all morning. The Italian place you ate at was called Parmigiana House, in the basement of JSQ Pub. The food is ridiculously cheap, but I sincerely doubt the employees carry guns. Pocket combs, maybe...