Friday, March 23, 2007

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Signs point toooo....



Now listen, I realize this post is like 4 months too late since the douchiness of Spencer came out a while ago on The Hills, but I'm at home and I'm sick so what better time I ask you?

The douchiness of this guy just never ends. But first let me say I feel a little sorry for him because he obviously put the wrong size dentures in since he has trouble fitting his lips around them.

(Ok that only makes sense if you see him talk...)

And the funny thing is that he's trying to get on the D-List (or trying to get Brody Jenner on the D-List by telling him to fuck every starlet in Hollywood - WHATEVER) and yet when I google image searched his name not-a-one-a-picture came up. PECULIAR! (I was hoping if I searched with the term "douchebag" 200 pictures of Spencer would come up and yet no cigar.)

Spencer once bitched some dude out on The Hills (yes, I am 14 and I watch The Hills, thank you very much) for commenting on his girlfriend Heidi's clothing at work (and honestly I'm pretty sure the guy said something like "I'm not sure that outfit is appropriate for work) and I mean he fliiiipped out. Pushing the guy and shit. Just a total DBAG! And oh boy I can not wait for an upcoming episode when Heidi tells him that she doesn't want to live with him. I can NOT WAIT FOR THA...

Oh my god. I seriously just spent 20 minutes of my life talking about retards from some reality TV show?

Yeah. I did. SUCK IT, BITCHES!

Now I'll pass out for another two hours. Sick. Hack. Cough.




Michelle said...

Would it make you feel better (or at least give you a laugh) to know that my 31 year old boyfriend also loves to watch the Hills? Haha. As a soon-to-be dentist, I also confirm there is something f'ed up about Spencer's mouth. He has the anti-gummy smile. Dude needs a new set of dentures!

Anonymous said...

"And my answer is get out of my car."

It's like the opposite of Billy Ocean, but way more hormonal.

(P.S. - DON'T let anyone know I've watched this... EVER)

Michelle said...

at least my picture isn't on my blogger id so no one will know...i watch this too.