Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Guess what blows? NOT BEING ABLE TO BLOG FROM WORK. Yeah. Seriously. I am most creative at work. It's such a dull environment my mind runs wild. When I'm home I'm distracted by things (shiny objects) and chores (watching myself for hours on end in the mirror) and cleaning (my plate. with my tongue.) and things of that sort.

Ok I swear I'm working on the Mexico post. The trip was so great.

But first, can we talk about my appearance on Chain Reaction tonight?

I didn't have internet access to tell y'all to watch so I'm sorry about that. It was on tonight at 10pm and let me just say I'm a TARDO. Yes we won (and looked hot) but every time something happened I'd giggle, jump up and down and touch my teammates on the shoulder. I was like a freakin chimp on there! And I forgot to mention this: they made me stand on a box. Did I say that before? Well who cares, it's so funny it's worth mentioning twice. I'm like Tom Cruise ovah hea! I'm a head taller than Liz and just as tall as Kate (and she was wearing boots) so they made me stand on a box...why? It was riiiidick.

And at the end (if you did see the show) during the speed round you'll notice we got three right away and then didn't get any more. Can I just say without sounding bitter here that the computers "broke" after we got three right in 15 seconds. I'm just saying. The computers broke. And we didn't win the extra $5,000. And we'd swept every round before that. Which had never been done before in Chain Reaction history. I'M JUST SAYING.

I spoke to Liz (my insanely hot and brilliant team mate) on the phone after and we both had hilarious things to say. Mine were among the "jesus christ I'm waaaay too excitable" and hers were mainly "I'm so serious!" so I think if we're to follow through on our plan (buy a brownstone in Brooklyn a la Kate & Allie) we'll have perfect, middle of the road babies. And speaking of chain reactions... Miss Kate Tellers (our other amazing, beautiful co-star who was fucking amazing at the bonus chains - she got all three!) has a sister named Alice and the cutest story is that when nurses said, "Oh like Kate & Allie...how cute!" when they were born her parents stared ahead blankly for they had no TV.

Now THAT'S an adorable chain.



Mexico, Bitches.



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