Sunday, March 25, 2007


3 Interviews in 2 days and what have I learned about myself? I'm REALLY BAD AT INTERVIEWS.

Someone once said the hardest role you'll ever have to play is yourself (and if no one ever said that then can I get credit?) and jesus, guys, it's totally true. Put a camera on me, ask me a question and I turn into a bumbling idiot.

Eliza and I were interviewed Saturday before out IEP show at Mo Pitkin's by our friend Trish for Indigo TV, a wonderful program on Channel 35, Thursdays at 8. ( Eliza stayed cool, calm and collected and I...well let's just say all of my answers turned into a fit of laughter and NONE OF THEM WARRANTED LAUGHING AT. Oh god guys, I was terrible. And in my head I was like "do I look at the camera!? do I look at her!? I'll look at Eliza...wait Eliza isn't talking right now! I look retarded! Look at your hands, Glennis... LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!!" It was ridiculous. They also taped part of our show so I think redeemed myself a little with that. Oh god I hope so. I'M SUCH A TARD!

Then today Marcy and I were interviewed by both Time Out NY on Demand and a Brazilian TV show (thank god the latter will only be shown in Brazil) and I again turned into a damn fool. A damn FOOL I say!

Stinky, Stinky Inter-Pew.

I blame being raised as a mute.

Oh man let's just talk for a second about how much I am enjoying life at this very moment. Sitting in my room alone, stuffing my face with beef gyro, watching Kill Bill Vol. 1. Could there BE anything better? I just danced for close to 2 hours straight (to a sweet mix made by yours truly, thank you very much) at DDPP and made a fool of myself on camera. Don't I deserve a little meat?


Hope you are all having a great Sunday. I'll tell you when the interviews are out, but honestly wouldn't you rather remember me as the awesome girl I am and not the creep I turn into when asked questions about myself?

Oh one last thing... when Eliza and I were shooting a bit for AOL's The DL I was trying to get people off the street to come over and talk to us (about what the lyrics to the Perfect Strangers theme song mean) and I called to this one guy and said, "Hi! Would you like to come over here and talk to us on camera for a second?" or something to that effect and he said no...then walked a bit further and looked back and said to me, "you are FRIGHTENING."

Sadly, I think he was pretty right on point.

And now, I bid you good night.



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Eliza said...

That "you're frightening" guy looked like a misogynist, and thus was clearly referring to the fact that you have a vagina.
Misogynists find them TERRIFYING.