Sunday, January 01, 2006


Schmappeeeeeee. Schmooooooo. Schmeeeeeear!!!

That goes specifically to Kirby, Andrew and Buckaloo. Yooo!

So last night was totally fun dancing and drinking at UCB for new years. I myself decided to class things up a bit and broke out my flask full of rum (Yar... t'was the Captain's rum, t'was) and made everyone in my path take a shot. So I hope you fuckers like herpes!

But really, great way to ring in the new year.

So here's my new years resolutions in no particular order.

2. Get a hot bod.
3. Take Dance Dance Party Party to a new level. Anyone know someone who works on Ellen?
4. Put up a new show.
5. Kick the heroin.
6. Star in a movie opposite Jennifer Love Love Hewitt.
7. Go to DJ school.
8. Learn how to hip-hop dance.
9. Write in my blog every day.
10. Mix my own songs to use at DDPP.
11. Leave my office job.
12. Get a puppy.
13. Invent a new shoe.
14. Become the voice of a muppet.
15. Get revenge on the man who killed my brother.

Oh my goooooood. Tanna from The Apprentice is on TV right now selling the bedazzler! Tanna is single handedly responsible for bringing back the Bedazzler! Oh my god I am dying. That was so worth stopping my list.

Ok that oughta keep me busy for a few days. But man, what am I going to do with myself after I complete all that? Whoooaaa little doggie. Remember #1? RELAX my friend.

Oh and yes, I will be writing in my blog daily mostly thanks to my lovely friend Lynn. And I'll be posting my favorite new songs so keep your suggestions coming too!

Favorite song of the day (which my boyfriend doesn't like because he thinks it's a rip off from early Liz Phair, but I love irregardless): The Things That You Say That You Do by Dressy Bessy.



Lynn said...

We are astoundingly beautiful.
Brava, genetics. Whoever said you were not an artist was a fool.

Jenmac said...

Genetics? Lynn, why do you hate faeries? YOUR BEAUTY IS FROM MAGIC.

Lynn said...

DNA fairies.