Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Say my name, Bitch!

My name is not very popular so I was pleased as punch to find this. It pretty much sums up everyone with the name Glennis, wouldn't you say?



erin said...

Years ago, when my baby sister lost a tooth, I would leave her a hand-written note from the tooth fairy along with her dollar. The tooth fairy's name? Glennis.

Glennis said...

why did I not know this? that's awesom! Once i met a girl at a bar whose mom was named Glennis. She did not find it nearly as cool as I did that her mom and I shared the same name.

glennis said...

say.....glennis is my name too! always liked it. still throws people when they hear it. they usually never remember it or can't forget it! i liked the tooth fairy story.

Glennis said...

Welcome my sista from another mista!

Amers said...

Yeah!!! :)

You remembered my mentioning of Glennis Grace to you!!! Dutch singer!

Love it!