Saturday, January 07, 2006

i got the rhythm in me

First day of DJ school. AWESOME. I've got rhythm.

Also, did you know Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin recorded versions of Eleanor Rigby? Although I do love The Beatles version the most. It might possibly be my favorite Beatles song ever.

Also, you need to listen to Headphones. Such great music. Listen to the song "S**t Talker." (that's what it's called, I'm not afraid to say shit.)

Also, next week some time i am going to be on the radio to promote Dance Dance Party Party! I'll let you know when.

Oh also, I Eat Pandas and Friends won cagematch at UCB last week so we'll be doin it up again on Thursday night at 11. If you're up and about check us out. If we win again and then again we get to go to Chicago to face another team for the Cagematch title. That would be pretty neat.

Oh and my DJ name has been discovered! In an IM conversation with Lynn. DJ Sassy Molassy. Tell me that doesn't fit me perfectly.


1 comment:

Amers said...

Hey! I'm reading through your blog (I fell off the bandwagon for a little while, not reading my usual favorite blogs every day or so, and now I am catching up) ARE DJ Sassy Molassy! I think that is it!!! ;)

Other than that, I am anxious to get going on to this next blog entry, "Passion of the Nutbag." You are a hoot!

Love ya!!!
Merry January!

Amers McGoo