Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's Over

Dear New Years Resolution to write in my blog daily. Let's break up.

Phew! Glad that's over with.

You know what would be awesome but make life a lot shorter? If you woke up at 8:00 our time and then teleported yourself to England.

Another saying I thought of that I'd like to bring into rotation in two thousand sex (yeah baby, first one to think of that one. I just know it!)...

"God rest his pickle."

I tried to go see Brokeback Mountain again the other day but for some reason the gods do not want me to see this movie. So instead we had to play Movie Roullette and watched the next movie playing at that theatre. The movie was "Rumor Has It." I mean I figured of all the movies we could have been stuck with that wouldn't be the WORST. Right? Right! No I mean WRONG. So bad. Just so so bad it's not even...well let's just say Kevin Costner was the only redeeming part of the movie and you all know how I feel about him. Hmmmpfjkdkkk! (that was pukey coming up in my mouth. No no I keed. I love Kevin Costner. I'm sure he's a really nice guy.


That's another catch phrase I'm trying to work in. Do you guys like it?)

Oh and I now find Jennifer Aniston completely annoying. Thanks a lot Rumor NOT Orgasmic!

Now I'm off to do some real ass work today. Including a lot of internet surfing and sighing.



Amanda said...

If you haven't seen the Gay Cowboy movie that stars my future husband...I will go with you.
I think we may be the only two in NEw York who haven't seen it...and it's killing me.

Lynn said...

I haven't seen it either!
Why not buy tix in advance on moviefone, hmm?