Thursday, January 05, 2006

A New Slang

And now, a list of slang & catch phrases I'd like to bring into circulation for the year Oh Six.

1. Well sprinkle me (blank).
This should be used to replace, "well color me (blank!)" You can use any number of words to fill in the blank. Surprised, tickled, excited, racist. It's very versatile.

2. I made a boo boo.
I especially like the use of this new slang when old people say it.

3. That's Interesting.
Replaces the popular phrase of '05, "That's Hot."

4. Swing out with your ding out.
Pretty simple. Male vernacular only.

What Would Wanda Sykes Do? Let's give Jesus a break. Wanda is just as sassy and she seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders.

6. Busted
Definition 1: when one has had too much to drink. 2: when one is tired from having too much to drink the night before.

7. Federline
Let's change the lyrics to Madonna's hit song, "Borderline" to "Federline."

And that's what I have for now. Let's do this people!


1 comment:

Amers said...

LOVE the "change the word Borderline in Madonna's song to Federline" -- You are so cute, Glenners!!! :)

Amers McGoo