Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's the Word, Hummingbird?

So glad you asked!

Since my legions of fans read this blog (thanks you two) I wanted to update you on some cool stuff. First of all I recently became the voice of Lifetime Television's rebranding campaign! What does that mean?? I have no idea! But I've done one voice over so far and I hear they like to use the same voices over and over. Me & Lifetime...who knew!??

Also, this is kinda cool... this weekend I'm shooting a short film for my friend Kalika (Lynn's lovely roommate) for her grad thesis film and we get to use harnesses and green screens. So fun right? I get to fall out a window in a glammy dress!! So for those of you who've always wanted to see me fall to my death... there you go. (sobby sobby cry tears)

And on Friday night I'm doing a reading of a new screenplay with Paul Rudd. Yes, THAT Paul Rudd.

Don't you love me?!? I do!

No really, I do. When I think about me I touch myself.

And if that weren't enough, my musical improv group I Eat Pandas & Friends (whom you all so lovingly praised the website of below... well kinda. I Eat Pandas is just me and Eliza... "& FRIENDS" adds 3 others) is in the Cage Match finals up against whoever wins tonight! Tonight it's Mother (who is last years champ and, well, just about the greatest long form improv team around) vs. Death By Roo Roo. DBRR is great I'm sure but I've never seen them. Sorry dudes.

So if you're in NY and you want a great show, come to the UCB Theatre next Thursday the 26th at 11pm and vote for I Eat Pandas & Friends!



Jenmac said...


Anonymous said...

Paul Rudd! So hot! (sorry, couldn't contain myself)


Anonymous said...

I don't know who Paul Rudd is, but it sounds a lot like Elmer Fudd so I can only assume that he likes to hunt wascally wabbits... I happen to like rabbits, so I don't think Paul Rudd should be hunting them. Perhaps instead he should be hunting for a new career since Elmer has a stranglehold on the entertainment industry (not to mention a cooler name.) I'm guessing that Paul might be going bald one day, which further proves my theory that his ripping off Elmer.

Amers said...

While I am in America, I will keep an eye out for Lifetime TV's rebranding campaign! I wish those Tampax commercials were still on the air. Schniekies!

Love ya!