Monday, January 23, 2006

Dynomite with a laser beam

I have a few things to tell you guys.

#1. Zicam is great for fending off colds! If you like to stick moist q-tips up your nose then Added Bonus!

#2. PLEASE I beg of you people, watch Daisy Does America on TBS (the superstation) Tuesday nights... I think it's at 10pm or something. I know... the promos made it look totally stupid but I sweat to god (haha I just said SWEAT to GOD... hahaha I'm totally going to make a new aerobics routine out of that) this girl is hilarious. I heard the other day she was who gave Sasha Baron Cohen (Ali G) his start. She is the real thing. SO FUNNY. Watch it if for no other reason than us ladies need to repreZENT in the comedy shit.

#3. Paul Rudd really was at that reading. I had 5 lines.

#4. Do you like good things?


Awesome then you will please come see I Eat Pandas in our new run at Under St. Marks in NY! Read all about it here:

Also, we're up against Death By Roo Roo this Thursday at 11 in cagematch! COME VOTE FOR US SO WE CAN BE CHAMPS!!

ALSO... I Eat Pandas just got accepted into the San Francisco Improv Festival!

Come on guys. I really mean it...we are so good. We will make you believe in UNICORNS and SOCIAL SECURITY.


i love you

DJ Sassy Mollassy

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