Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fear's Triumphant Return

If you missed my old blog about all things fear (see: fear and...) then you missed the stage in my life where i obsessed about well all things fear. I basically watched every medical show on the Discovery Health channel until my mind could no longer take the constant torture of thinking a branch was going to fly through my car window impaling my delicate doe-like skull.

Gleeeeeeennis... I'm waiting for you.

I thought my fears had been squelched. I thought I was through with the constant obsessions.

But no... they are BACK.

Lately I can not stop imagining my nose being hooked by things and ripped off. I know it's disgusting. Imagine thinking about it at every turn! And if you really think about it there aren't even that many things you could hook your nose on but I seem to be able to imagine wild scenarios that include just that.

Let's take a look at the usual suspects:



Watch those high kicks, friend.


slight exageration

Seriously people, I hope I haven't scarred you but I CAN'T stop thinking about this for realzies.

I love you, nose. Please stick around.

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