Tuesday, February 28, 2006


After coming across this story today, it got me thinking about how shitty something like winning the lottery really could be. Ok yes, there'd be the initial, "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I HAVE SO MUCH MONEY OH MY GOD!! BATH TUBS OF COOKIES FOR EVERYONE!" but then what? Well I know I myself would have no problem blowing through millions of dollars in, oh... a few days. (No, really.) But aside from that. Think of all the douchebags in your life. I'll give you a minute.

Don't forget that dude from work.

A lot of them huh? Yeah now imagine those douchebags when faced with someone they KINDA know who now has millions of dollars. Holy crap that would suck! Would that suck worse than not having millions of dollars?

And that leads me to this: can you win millions of dollars and stay notorious? Like Biggie? No-no-no-no... no I don't think you could. Could you hide it from everyone but a select few? Cuz if you could I think that's the way to go. I can't stand when lottery winners have their picture taken with their huge check or their winning ticket for the papers. Are you CRAZY? Now not only do all the douchebags in your LIFE know what you look like and that you have money to burn, but now so does all of Douch-merica. Congratulations dumdum!

Also I was up super super late again last night for no reason at all and I watched a few of the episodes of Roseann that were at the end of the show's run. Where they win the lottery, Dan has a heart attack, Dan stays in California to take care of his sick mom, Dan cheates on/leaves Roseann. Did it bother anyone else that when they won the lottery they stayed in that shitty house and just got tackier more expensive things? I mean I guess it works and whatever but it drove me NUTS. I was like come ON, really? You're going to stay in Lanford... with that WALLPAPER?? Also, Roseann wrote the episode I watched. Nothing significant about that just thought it was something. Yep, that was something.

And didn't that show end with them saying the whole thing had been a story Roseann wrote and that Dan died when he had the heart attack? Does anyone remember?

Oh and can I say one more thing please. I wrote an email to someone who shall remain nameless telling them I thought they were hilarious and that I loved their blog (I do not know this someone but I do love their blog) and they never wrote back. DOUCHE. You are a douche, sir. Can you tell me what isle the douche is located on? I'm sure you can because you, m'lady, are a douche.

Also, do I detect a case of too cool for school? I do think so.

Forever your girl,


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