Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Believe-mia, you need to see this.

Because I was up at what I think was 3am but very well could have been 1am or 4am, I was able to see a Lifetime movie I hadn't seen before. It's probably the best Lifetime movie ever made. It's called, "Kate's Secret" and it stars the TV mom among TV moms: Meredith Baxter Birney.

Kate is a beautiful woman married to a successful man about to be made partner. Kate enjoys aerobics and eating lightly. Her daughter is even becoming a girl scout. Everything in Kate's life is perfect. But Kate has a secret. Kate likes to "get rid" of her food. Doctors call it something like purging or BU-LE-ME-A. Say it with me.

Apparently this movie was made in 1986 and not many people knew about the "B" word then. This movie was not only a gem but educational as well.

My favorite part of the movie was... oh god there were so many! First I'd have to say the part where she gets bad news from her husband (he has to work late) and she goes on a rampage. She hops in her car and maniacally drives to the local food mart and walks out with a pint of ice cream. The store owner runs after her, "won't you need another spoon for your daughter?!" No. No she won't. She quickly starts shoving ice cream down her throat which only made me wonder how many times they had to cut for ice cream headaches. Then the best part. The music. Crazy violin horror movie music! It's almost too perfect. As Kate shoves the haggen daaz down her gullet: "REE REE REE!" As she peels out of the parking lot and into a fast food drive through HONKING HER HORN (she can NOT get the food fast enough people!): "REEE REEE REEE!" As she orders not one but TWO large fries, one fish sandwich, one cheeseburger... "oh and what else did she want?" she says. That's right, two milkshakes. "It's a surprise for my daughter" she lies to the drive through attendant. Don't drag blue collar joe into your nightmare, Kate. Drive on.

Before even leaving the drive-through window she smashes a fist-full of fries into her fry hole. Then...

The Purge.

A dark ally. Kate stops her car and shamefully walks into the darkness. We see only a shadow bend over. A loose shoelace? No friend. Not this time.

I fear I'm giving too much of this amazing story away. You really HAVE to see it. The characters she meets in the hospital on her road to recovery. The tragic heartbreak. The uplifting moments. It's almost too much goodness packed into one Lifetime movie.

So please, if you know what's good for you PLEASE see this movie.


Glennis "no secrets here" McMurray


Fountain said...

Just wait till Robyn finds this post.

Alicia said...

Here's a link to the movie if you can't get enough!


Glennis said...

wow, thanks for the link! confusing...they list it as a drama.