Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thanks, Drew

One might say I am a bit of a "dork" or "nerd" on the inside. Some might love the inner nerd in me (read: my boyfriend) some might hate it (read: Kathy Hilton. ??) I don't know. Regardless, I am sitting at home on a Saturday night which I have no problem with. Unless that sitting at home also involves watching the movie that hits way too close to home for me... "Never Been Kissed."

Have you seen this movie? Well it's on tv and dvd so you have no excuse. I hear the original title for this movie was, "let's see what high school was like for Glennis McMurray." Drew Barrymore does WAY too good a job in this movie playing me. My inner nerd has since been WAY squelched (no it hasn't) but when I watch this movie I start to sweat. It reminds me so much of high school it's scary. Not to mention the fact that she looks a hell of a lot (exactly) like me. I wish I had my old year books with me, I'd show your scoffing face what's what.

Oh and I'm not writing this so you'll be all, "what?? i can't believe that adorable girl known to all as "Glennis Ray of Cuteness" has an inner nerd! Well believe it bitches.

Ug this whole post is making me even more nausious.

I'm out, watersprout.

Glennis... we need to talk.


Jenmac said...

G, we had nearly identical movie schedules this weekend. I kept my finger on the 'jump channel' button in case someone walked close enough to my door to hear lines like "It's gonna be so Rufus!"

Kdiggy said...

You have officially Challeged me to get a picture of you looking like her - I have ALL of our high school yearbooks in my closet just waiting to be exploited.

I don't remember you being a nerd at all - but it could be that I was to nerdy myself to know the difference!!