Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cool Horse.

Listen people, I don't know what's going on around here but all the sudden it seems like everywhere I look people are too cool for school. What's the deal?? What happened to dorking out over your favorite tv show or song? What happened to not caring what people think? What happened to talking in funny voices and quoting retarded movies that made us laugh (and not being afraid to admit they made us laugh). Now it's, "oh man I'm chillin over this awesome dick joke I just heard" (no exclamation points). Seriously, if I hear one more person sigh and roll their eyes at something I say, I'm going to shoot them in the heart. IN THE HEART!!!! (multiple exclamation points!!!) [and smiley faces :):):)] Let's all just chill the eff out ok?

No this is not in response to any one in particular. Just something I noticed happening between two suited-up attorneys as I filled in at the reception desk.

Attorney One: Well Johnson DID have a few good points in that meeting.
Attorney Two: (rolls eyes and sighs) Johnson is a tool.

Ok, perhaps Johnson is a tool. But could you get off your rad train for two seconds and hear the man out? Maybe Johnson has the answer that could win this case for you! Wouldn't you love that?? I bet you would. Who would love that!? YOU WOULD!! YES YOU WOULD!! A-geeeeew!

Let's get excited again people. Being depressed, believe it or not, is NOT cool. You know what's cool? Jumping. Yeah I said it. Jumping is cool. Also, brownies! Brownies are so cool! And this blog, this blog is SO cool. And ME! I'm cool! Are you cool??

Well, are you?


eliza said...

i AM cool!
Splits 'n kicks!!!!

T Maher said...

I hear that sister! Whenever I hear the word "lame" escape and Esq.'s mouth in an elevator, I do my best Joanne Worley and yell, "ZANY!". This post hit close to home.

Snow White said...

Whenever I get frustrated at work, I close my door and silently do the "Dance of Joy" from Perfect Strangers. That usually sorts me out.

False Eyelashes and Inappropriate beading!!!