Saturday, December 31, 2005

Formula GM

Thank you guys for the great music suggestions! I just bought Exile in Guyville because SO many people flipped when I mentioned it. Saying it's one of their favorite albums of all time. Also, Imogen Heap is GREAT. I had some of her stuff but got some more!

Push - Madonna... love it!!
Odelay has been revisited... love it! missed it!
Matthew Sweet has just been listened to for the first time. I need to apply my formula to him to see if I really like the song.

So here's my formula for deciding if I really like a song:

1st listen to it once.
2nd wait three days.
3rd listen to it once more.
4th wait one day.
5th listen to it two times in a row.

Do you like it? If so, it's a good song for you. If not, ditch it.

I was listening to UK radio at work because they were having the top 500 songs of all time countdown. I heard the new Rolling Stones song Rain Fall Down. I'm not a huge Stones fan so I didn't really like it. But then, three days later I heard it again. And there was something about it. Then... yes, you guessed it. One day later I heard it once, then realized I love it so I bought it and listened to it twice. IZ GOOD!

Also, here's a new song that you might like. I love it...Walking With A Ghost by Tegan and Sara. So good! Makes me dance.

Oh and here's something I'm hesitant to admit but I'm going to do it. I love an Ashlee Simpson song. Yes, it's true. L.O.V.E. remixed by Missy Elliott makes me dance like a crazy woman. I really l.i.k.e. it.

Now I'm off to find a pretty diddy to wear tonight for new years. Whatever i get it's going to be paired with my green chucks because I plan on dancing the night away.

Also, if you've always wanted to be a dj, send me a list of songs you love to dance to along with your dj name and I'll play them at an upcoming DDPP. Or you can go here: and click on song list. Then pick the songs you like and send them.

Thanks dudes!!

(also that website was designed by me. all by hand-writing html. you love?)


Oh and B.O.B. by Outkast is the best song probably ever.


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