Thursday, December 15, 2005

Watchin' With Glennis 12/15


My favorite reality shows of all the reality shows I'm obsessed with!

You guessed it!

"Old dudes with moles"

No no, I kid.


Project Runway? More like Project FUNWAY. Am I right?!?

Wow, I love love this show. I don't even design clothes or wear designer clothes or know anyone in the designing clothes industry (although I once had a girl who sat across from me in art class tell me she'd designed a dress called the "Glennis" and she showed me the sketch and I almost started crying. Plain. Oh so plain.) but I totally love this show.

First of all kkkhhhHeidi Kluuooooom is just too much. You know she's one of those women who is just naturally perfect AND she's German so she says things like, "I don't understand depression or sadness. That is weakness. Wrinkles are also weakness." but I still love her all the same.

Ok my favorite new character is Santino. The name alone.. my god! It's just perfect.

He is the FACE of cocky. He was one of the ones last night with the "highest or lowest score" so he and 4 others were left on the runway at the end. Heidi says, "Santino..." and he steps forward just SURE he's won that week's challenge. She says, "We LOVED your design." And Santina doubles over with giggly delight and gushes, "oh you did! hehehehe! prance!" to which Heidi replies, "yes, you may leave the runway."

Oh daaaaaamn. No they DI-UNT! His face drops and he storms off the runway and sulks in the corner. How DARE they not pick him as top designer of the week!!

Honestly I liked his design a bit more than the one that won. But I would have done the same thing just to see his face.

I love him.

And if that weren't the best part about him, watch his audition tape. He beat boxes, plays a shoot-em-up video game, plays the guitar and boxes in first 30 seconds. Oh you cocky, cocky bastard.

One final note... Daniel Marco can you please finish one outfit on time? Thanks.

Watch this show!

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