Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Quel est un GLESBIAN?

Glad you asked. You, my dear reader, are a Glesbian. Just by reading this blog, you have joined the ranks of literally HUNDREDS of like-minded Glesbians throughout New York (and the world!) who await Glennis' every daily move with breath a baitin.

Are you bored with idolizing the Gwennys, Cammys and Lohans that grace the pages of your favorite magazines taunting you with their expensive clothes, rich digs and flawless skin?

Glennis is here.

See Glennis as she sips her decadent cup of morning joe... then scrambles to save her H&M tunic from ultimate stain destruction! Not to worry, Glennis has a closet full of clothes in her hip, west village flat.

Bask in the glow of Glennis' morning routine as she forgoes a shower and emerges a bohemian goddess. Will her new hairstyle set a trend among the jaded fashionistas Glennis rubs elbows with on a daily basis?

Hear Glennis rave about her recent victory over The Man as she takes a two-week leave from work to trot Le Globe. Will YOU spot her in Chi-town?

Wonder at the person who is Glennis and become a certified Glesbian.

Apply today. Space is limited!

DON'T be left in the dark.

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