Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Idol on Fawx

I watch American Idol on Tivo because I'm usually too busy becoming a staaaah (papa!) to watch it at home. And Anthony Fedorov, I have one thing to say to you. I fast forward through all of your songs. Brotha, you just plain creep me out. I can't stop looking at your neck hole. And I can't help but think that people are voting for you because you pulled the "doctors thought I was never going to be able to speak" card. It doesn't get me. Legless kitties, blind babies, birds without wings... you got my vote. Anthony Federov? Beat it.

Also, I love how they pimped Scott up like they did little Jonathan Lipnicky. Sooo cuuuuuuute! He went from a waterin' hole to a pimp cup. And Aaaaah love it.

But really, the competition can stop right now. Vonzell's takin' it home. All the way. That girl can blow.

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