Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hack! Hack! Sniff. Ah. Hm.

1:40 and I'm still awake. And coughing. It's Friday night and I stayed in so I could get some rest and I'm awake. But I did find something that will help me go to sleep and it's a Thunderstorm CD. Don't laugh... I know it sounds retahtah but really it's good! Thunderstorms make me feel comfy cozey and safe. And they make me think of fainting because one time when I was younger, I was at my friend's house and there was a thunderstorm outside. One second I was standing in her kitchen, the next I'm laying on her couch with her mom sitting next to me stroking my head. I'd fainted on her nice red clay tiles. So this CD helps me relax and puts me to sleep but I have dreams of being an awkward 12 year old fainter.

Time for the CD. Come to me thunder, lighting, sleep. Coooooome to me.

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