Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adam, no... not here.

The Longest Yard
Originally uploaded by glennism.
Listen Adam, you know I have feelings for you too... it's just... wait, let me finish.

Geeeeez. Don't give me that look. It's too much!

Yeah, I know... I have fun making up punny names for your movies too... hehehe, yeah "Slappy Dick More" was a good one.

But really! This has got to stop. We haven't gone on a date once without your entire "crew" tagging along. I mean, do you even know that guy in the back? I think he works here.

Shhh... no words. Just turn, and go.

Oh Adam, one more thing before you leave. Can I get my mix CD back? I know it's silly, it just had a lot of good songs and my iTunes is on the frit... Adam? Adam!?

Oooooh sweet Adam.

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