Thursday, May 05, 2005


After the premiere of the run of our new sketch show, Celebutantes, Liz Black and I did not go for drinks, nor did we do lines of cocaine of each other's taut hineys. No, we each headed home in cabs to our respective neighborhoods to get a full night's sleep so our fans would not see us as anything less than perfect today (take a note, Katie Holmes!).

Or... did we?

I, last night, took a cab up to 49th street & 6th Ave to say hello to my beau whom I haven't seen in quite a few hours. At least a day or two. No beer was had but I do have a cold and I DID take the day off work (I feel much worse in the AM, what can I say) so I probably should have gone home to sleep.

I did eventually get home. But I did not sleep. This was the worst night of insomnia by FAR. I didn't sleep. At all. I don't think it's ever been that bad. I pretty much resigned myself to watching the shows I'd Tivo'd when I was still not asleep at 4:30 am. Lost was great, American Idol is retahded, America's Next Top Model: hot.

5:30 rolled around and I thought I might as well use the time before me to upload our video from Celebutantes onto my computer (bee tee dubs... it looks sweet) and catch up on the goings on around NY. Apparently someone thought it would be cute to set off two grenades around my work neck of the woods at 3:50 am. And New Yorkers looking to quit smoking can call 311 this morning (after 9 am) to receive a 6-week pack of nicotine patches, kindly donated by Pfizer. I don't trust that... what's your deal, Pfizer? It was something like the first 45,000 people to call get them. What gives?

Also, I've made a decision. It's about the West Side Stadium. I'm against it. Here's why: New York is crazy e-fuckin-nough in the summer without the Olympics in town. Maybe I'm just against that. NY might sink!

Speaking of sinks, I had a great cookie from this little place in Chelsea Market called the kitchen sink cookie.

And I am so friggin tired it's bananas!!!!

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