Thursday, May 19, 2005

Everybody Plays the Blues

I'm sitting at work scared to death to tell my boss I need to leave at 3:00. My back aches because I'm tired like the wolf and my brain is having trouble. putting full. sentences; together.

What the fuck am I doing!? I'm killing myself. This job is awesome in so far as the days are great (3 a week), the pay is greater, the vacation days are glorious, and the internet and supplies run abundant.

But at what price?

And so I come to you, dear reader (however few you may be at this baby blogger stage). Should I stay or should I go, now?

And now, on to other, less "I liked your whine more when it was featured in Sideways" related news.

A Super Short Movie Review of "Kicking & Screaming" in 10 words or less:
Coffee? Really? Really. I mean... really? OK. You're the director.

Last night was the UCB's "Sith & The City" show featuring all Star Wars related humor. Highlights of the evening included the always hilarious Paul Scheer as Darth Vadar and Owen Burke as his kid brother Kevin Vadar and me as the green alien in the cantina band. If you missed this show, well I don't know what to say... you call yourself a true Star Wars fan? I'm talking to you, Luke.

Re: Job... I might have to DO something. It might make headlines. Or at least Bloglines.

Later today I will be holding my very own photo caption contest. Stay tuned.

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