Thursday, May 12, 2005

New segments...

To up the Blogsomeness of my... um Blog... I'm going to introduce a few new segments. The first is called, "Watchin' w/ Glennis" in which I update you on shows you might have missed the night before. You'll get all the fresh content of your regular programming, but with the opinions of your favorite blondie; Glennis!

As an added bonus you'll get my "Super Short Movie Roundup" in which I'll use 10 words or less to sum up a movie currently playing in theaters.

The next segment is called, "Who Cares." In this segment I'll talk about something that had gotten a lot of attention lately, such as the Runaway Bride case, and then I'll say "who cares" to get my point across.

This next segment is really exciting for me. It's called, "Passive Aggressive Pam." In this segment I'll say something really rude about someone I know or something they're doing that pisses me off but in a passive aggresive way on my Blog because I'm too yeller to say it to their face. This segment will make absolutely no sense to anyone but me.

I'll also be highlighting certain comedy & theatre shows that you should check out or comedians that are hilarious and up and coming. This segment will only include stuff about me.

Dear readers, have a tremendously enjoyable day and please feel free to write with sleep tips, sleep doctors, sleeping pills and remedies of the sort.

Thank you!


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