Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscars Poop-cap

I guess since I'm at the forefront of pop culture I need to contribute my 2 cents to the poop-fest that was the Oscars. Here are the only two things I liked about it (aside from Ellen's awesome hosting. Hearts.)

Wait, I know I told everyone I hate award shows but when I got home Sunday after DDPP exhausted and sweaty and realized there was nothing else on tv, I had to watch them. Had to! Reading a book or cleaning my room was NOT AN OPTION!

The dancers behind that screen? WHAT?! So amazing. I know it's like, not really that amazing but every time they'd make a car or a gun I was like "GET OUT OF TOWN!" I'm also impressed by drawings and music.

Also, the sound effects choir. Ok that might have been the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Yes, it was amazing what they could do with their voices, but holy crap. First... their faces! I mean the expressions alone where enough to send me into a giggle fit for days. Then just the hilarity of them being on stage, at the Oscars, dressed to the 9s....making wind blowing and cork popping noises with their mouths.

So. Funny.

Am I alone on this?

Oh yeah and Jennifer Hudson, blah blah blah.

I seriously think award shows are the most retarded, boring, ridiculous pieces of crap ever. Oh except the MTV Movie awards. Love that shit.

In other news I did two shows Saturday night and killed. Killed, I say! Here's a picture from the second show.

And now, a question for your faces: will I ever tire of talking about myself?

A: Highly unlikely.

Have a great day!



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