Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tales from the Script

Another audition today you guys might enjoy. It was for a NY Lotto spot where I had to bounce on one of those old bouncy balls (the kind you'd sit on as a kid and hop-hop-hop around; like an exercise ball with a handle... what the hell are those things called?) which in and of itself isn't all that significant BUT I did the audition with the Budweiser "wazzaaaaa" guy (he played my husband) which still isn't that significant as a stand alone news item BUT put those two things together and SHAZAM! A very hilarious and important blog post!

Also, bouncing on those things is TIRING. I had to do it 3 times and the last time I was out of breath. Seriously? Like, seriously that made me out of breath?? GO TO THE GYM, GLENNIS.

Oh and I was told not to be "so squeaky" by the casting director (to which Budweiser guy said, "the squeak is the best part!" which made me go, "are you hitting on me, sir?") which I think means try not to talk like a retard-baby. Outside the elevator on our way downstairs Budweiser says to me, "we'd have some beautiful babies. so exotic looking..." which was when I knew he was hitting on me. (It sounds out of nowhere but we had just played husband and wife, remember.)

We parted ways but I like to think at some point down the line he'll be googling "Budweiser Guy 'wazzaaaaa'" or "Beautiful, Exotic Girl from the NY Lotto Audition on February 21st" and find my site. Until then, sir. Until then.


If any of you had any Jetblue drama this past weekend this will probably be just as exciting for you as it was for me.

(They're just now delivering my bag. At least she's not lost. She's so cute!)

Have a great night!




DinaLove said...

Haha! Hippity Hop flashback! (

Glennis said...

You found it! Meeeeemories...

Thank you!