Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We Are The Video Star

The Video for the Ellen DJ job is DONE!!

Check it out and let me know what you think (only positive feedback please, you might give me an ulcer pointing out unimportant minutia that is too late to fix. Seriously, this is the final draft. I can not change anything. Crap, why am I even showing this to you?)

Wait, no... I love it! You'll love it! Watch it!! It's insane.




Sarah said...

OMG. Amazing. I wish my life included 'random' acts of dancing on a nice sunny day. What cinematography!

And I just checked the newest video that was sent in and you don't need to buy your way in with celebrity cameos.

If you're not selected it's an outrage.

Glennis said...

Right!? Gimme a break with the celebrity BS. Dance scenes. We need more dance scenes! Hire Glennis and there will be many many dance scenes!!

Oh please cross your fingers for me everyone!!

Mica said...

She'd be a fool not to!
That was so amazingly awesome, I was dancing around just watching it!
If you don't get the gig, The PAN be calling your agent. Hope you don't mind being paid in Flintstone vitamins!

those dancing girls follow you everywhere?

spo said...

I hope you let us visit you in LA, because that is where you are headed!


Justin said...

This is so so so amazing. You are all wonderful and insane.

Snow White said...

ROCK ON! Yummy, magical goodness.

Kate said...


Kirby!! said...

I love it!!!!

Jenmac said...

Not to give you an ulcer, but you misspelled minutiae. But I love you and the video rocks tacos. Please forgive my slightly crass female imagery.

Anonymous said...

OMG Glennis this is amazing..

my only criticism is that i was not asked to be one of the dancers. you could have brought some real street cred to this production

YOU GO GIRL!!! get that job and stack your paper right

- Guy

Samantha Hahn said...

sooo awesome!!! I met you at Robyn's bbq..Now post video...I'm a Glesbo! Loved the vid!

Glennis said...

Wowie, so many comments!!

Mica: They are behind me at work right now doing step-ball-changes.

Spo: Maybe we can run across the country on my way out to become Ellen's DJ?

Justin: Like I said, best compliment ever.

Snow White: None of this would have even been possible without your help!! And please thank the dwarves. No one's ever used that before, right?

Kate: Who is my rival? Like there's "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie." Is my rival "Team Everyone Else Who is Applying?"

Kirby: I knew you would!! And thank you for your secret undercover help too!!

JenMac: I don't need to spell. I am blonde.

Guy: Why DIDN'T I think of that! I mean, a cameo from YOU would totes have sealed it. I'm not even kidding! Also, what does stack your paper right mean?

Samantha: Hellooo!! Hooray we found each other again and in cyberspace no less. Thank you for your support!!

Maggie said...

ahhhh now i will get to watch two of my favorite people every morning before work!

there is no way ellen will be able to deny her inner glesbian.

Michelle said...

Adorable! Cartwheels! this will get the Job DONE!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! That was Awesome!!!


Lynn said...

Holy fun crap!

Dopey LaRue said...

OHMYGOD! Glennis you ROCK! I love you so much and your tape was freaking AWESOME!!!! That was FULL ON like the street scene from FAME! I LOVE YOU!!!! Thinking only good thoughts for you!!

denise said...

hey there - I have to comment - shit girl this is great!! I laughed outloud... With you - not at you.
But shit - it really shows how lame my tape was that I sent to Ellen. Shit I will never get the job!! However, I f-ing rock the house in so many ways.
Sounds like you do too! Keep up the great work sistah!

Anne said...

Hey - My name is Anne and I sent a DJ audition tape to Ellen too. I've been doing searches online trying to check out my competition and I came across your video. I just had to send you a comment telling you that I think yours is definately the best I've seen so far. So well done my DJ friend, and best of luck to you. I really hope you get the job...well...you know...if I don't get it!

Take care.