Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Extremely Intimate

I had a day for running errands the other day. I felt so suburban. I planned, mapped, coordinated, ran, booked, high-fived my way around NY.

My first stop was the cleaners to pick up my freshly cleaned & altered dress for the wedding I was attending that night. The dress was ready, beautiful, sparkling. The sewing was a bit wonky because they used blue thread on pink fabric, but honestly who notices that stuff? (Only if I were Bree Van De Kamp, would I have thrown a fit about such minute details.) Brush it off, move on.

My next stop was the Upper East Side to pick up new running shoes for the marathon. Went, saw, and conquered. This errand stuff is EASY! (I got two pair, one for shorter runs, and one for long distance... 13.1 miles anyone? They told me I run with my ankles rolling in a bit, duh, and that I was wearing the wrong size shoe. Not duh at all. I am pissed that I went to an athletic store to buy shoes recently and they didn't say anything about that. I should take them back... but no. I will just breath deeply and eat the cost. Especially considering I've worn them a lot and they're dirty.)

So I have my shoes, my dress, it's pretty nice out... why not walk down a bit to catch the train on 86th. As I'm walking, I pass by Intimacy. That bra place you always see those terrible ads for on tv (in NY at least). "Jane you look different!" "Thanks! I got new boobie holders from Intimates!" So I'm thinking, well maybe it's a start up company, cheap ads, whatever. It's worth a try! So I go in the store and the woman takes me into a dressing room. I'm standing there, waiting for her to measure, cup, feel... something. Feel? Yeah I guess that's not exactly what I was expecting. But measuring at least! But no, she comes in with some bras and says "ok let's try these." And I have to strip in front of her, not my favorite activity, and try them on. I'm not bra expert, but honestly... the bras were SO TIGHT I couldn't imagine wearing them for more than a few seconds. Not to mention the fact that I'm not 14, I have fat on my body, and when you put something on that's 3 times to small... well there's gonna be overflow. It just looked disgusting and terrible. But I'm not one to speak my mind in these situations so I was all, "oh yes, you're right. this looks great. uh huh. ok... ummm can you just hold these $100 bras that fit GREAT and I'll be back in... an hour? ok yeah thanks." And I never went back. I have no spine. Poor lady thought she was getting a commission off $300 worth of bras! I'm so mean.

So anyway, don't go there.

My last stop of the day was Macys to get some shoes for the wedding. I found this super cute pair of gold, strappy Steve Maddens, bought them, wore them to the wedding, woke up the next day to realize.... they're silver. What the hell!!? Do I not know how to tell the difference between gold and silver? Do I have color blindness? I am perplexed. Now people think I'm totes fashion challenged. Thank god my awesome dress from Robyn (Ralph Lauren!!) stole the show.

In other Glennis news. The sad day has come. My sister is moving out! :( sad faces times a million. But happy faces times a gazillion cuz she's moving in with her man. And I love her man. Not in that way. I don't wanna be on Oprah, y'all! Har har... um. So anyway, taking over Kelsey's role as the roommate will be Shelly Stover! Yes, that's right! I think she'll fill the role nicely.

Oh speaking of Shelly, Robyn and I took her to BB Kings for their Gospel brunch on Sunday. I mean, talk about good times. The food is AMAZING, the singing awesome, the whole atmosphere is just so great. No wonder it's sold out weekly! Even if you're not a religious person (like me) it's still great. Gospel music just makes ya happy. It can't help it! Like puppies!


NO WORD FROM ELLEN YET. But the good news is that my package was not returned to me so I'm pretty confident it made it there. Come on guys.... please give a girl a chance.

Byeeeee!!! :)

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