Thursday, May 25, 2006

Banana Phone!!

You must watch this! I feel like this song was WRITTEN FOR ME!!

Banana Phone!

I found it on and I can't stop listening to it. SO CATCHY AND FUN!! I think this should even possibly be my theme song. Or the opening song for "Glennis' Anatomy."

Man, I'm glad I found that song because lately I've been so tired and RRR (Red River Ramapage) is coming on (thanks to my sweetie for that lovely nickname for my woman time) and I've been extra weepy. What's made me get all teared up in the past couple days?

1. Running in a group of people all fighting the same cause.
2. Listening to "Hail to the Thief" cuz it reminds me of my man who is out of town.
3. Seeing an old woman with a cart trying to get down the subway steps. When I offer to help she says, "I'm fine darling!" and I think, "She's so independant! Weeeeeep."
4. Generosity! In one day I raised $1,425 for Leukemia & Lymphoma research. People you are amazing!!
5. My sister moving out. I'm avoiding it. It makes me too sad to think about.

That's it, I think. Like I said, the combo is not good. Some people get bitchy, some people get hungry. I get weepy.

It's happening again! I gotta go listen to Banana Phone again!! I wish that were my ringer. Sigh.

Thank you everyone for your donations!!!!!




Anonymous said...

Did you grow up without Raffi? No Baby Beluga? No Bananaphone?

He was a staple in my house. Although Bananaphone was maybe a little after our time.


p.s. - Way to RUN!

Glennis said...

I totally was a Raffi baby, guess I just missed BananaPhone. I love it so much. I might be a different person today had I heard it as a young'n.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it's worth it.


Glennis said...

That was awesome! If only I had a small enough phone to fit in there. Maybe I'll buy it for you so I can just giggle every time I see you with it. Hmm?

Megan said...

In my freshman year of college, a kid named Jesus (pronounced like Biblical Jesus, of course) listened to Bananaphone like it was his job. I wish I was still in touch with him, he'd be thrilled that it's your new jam!