Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Strange, but True

Hey everyone! Sorry about the no posting this past week. I had a pretty busy week with my dad in town and taking care of some stuff. But now I'm here so we can all rejoice.


A few things.

First of all, I was in a cab yesterday going up to rehearsal and as I gave the cab driver my $ he said, "you look like a planet." I kinda stopped and looked at him in the rearview mirro. "Excuse me?"

He goes, "Very beautiful. Like a planet."

Well at least it's a compliment and not him telling me my face is so fat it looks like Uranus.

So that's my new compliment from now on. "Wow, did you do something new with your hair? Cuz you are so Saturn today!"

Also, yesterday Oprah had a show about a day in the life of prostitutes which I had on, but didn't really pay much attention to, as I was trying to get my damn scanner to work.

So last night I had dreams ALL NIGHT LONG that I was a hooker. And these are not like "Oh I was having sex and he gave me money, haha isn't that a HOOT!?" This was GRAPHIC. So graphic I woke up with a NASTY taste in my mouth feeling really really disgusting. And where, you ask, was all this whoring going on? At a voice over audition. Yep. And not only that, but I was reading for the part of a plump, happy mother while a little girl was in the booth. Granted, these things were not going on at the same TIME... but honestly that was THE most disturbing night of sleep I've EVER HAD.

I just shuddered. I honestly feel so disgusting right now.

On to more uplifting news...

What a FUN WEEKEND!! First on Saturday I got up early and the Welcome Back Trotters (which is a rotating cast of lovely ladies) and I did the Revlon Run/Walk for Cancer, starting in Times Square and moving up to Central Park. My lovely friend Anne Nodar works for Revlon so she got us all in and got us tees and hats. I ran almost the whole 3 miles without stopping except that my knee started to bother me. Sometimes I can run and run with no pain but this was not one of those days. Ah well, it was still great. Amber Moelter and I realized that we run at exactly the same pace naturally which will come in handy in 5 months when we run the 1/2 Marathon in San Fran together! (yes, I'm serious. Training starts Saturday!)

James Gandolfini and Susan Sarandon were opening speakers at the run as well as my favorite L&O, SVU detective, Christopher Melony. We started the run and I noticed Chris was actually running with everyone. I was like "oh man, we should go run next to him" but we didn't. So the race is over and I'm snapping pictures and from out of nowhere a woman walks by and goes "You should take a picture of the L&O guy." I turn around and he's there. I squeel like a little girl and go, "oooh! Can I take a picture with you!?" and he goes "siggggh. Yeah I guess." So, unfazed, I run over to him, he puts his arm around me and I hand my camera off to poor Rachel who has NO idea in hell how to work the thing (and neither do I 1/2 the time! It's a new phone and it's way too high tech) so she goes, "ok I got it!" and I look and it wasn't there! Chris runs off and we're all like, shit! Poor Rach felt so bad but honestly, I geeked out in front of him and that's all that matters.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, are a few pics from the Revlon event.

The "Welcome Back Trotters" at the beginning of the run (sans me).

Anne Nodar, Master of Ceremonies (and Maggie Morris smiling over her shoulder)

Jen MacNeil stretches it out Ballet Style

Katina & Glennis... Wonder Twins, Unite!

Rachel adds the adorable factor.

Amber is "jazz hands" excited!!

Mixed Medium... Katina: Construction Paper & Staples; Hammy: Bedazzler; Glenn-dawg: Marker on Fabric & safety pins; Rachel: Fancy, professional sewn lettering.

Wait, Sponeill wants to take a picture with her finger squeezed between the bilboard girl's breasts.

And we're OFF!

Hammy & Rachel finish the run with a smile and a gang sign.

Amber, Jen & Spo are true champs. Spo finished the 3.1 mile run in 32 minutes! That's awesome!

Hooray! We found Anne & Katina!

Shannon gets some hot fancy eyes from a makeup booth set up after the race. We all agreed makeup after a run is a weird idea but dude, her eyes looked amazing. And she found out she has "monster lashes." Way to go, Spo!

The Trotters, post run. Lookin good, feelin good.

But honestly, the best part of my weekend was shooting the video for the Ellen DJ job. A bunch of friends got together with me at 10am on Sunday morning to learn a dance (choreographed by the amazing Robyn) then perform it on camera out by the west side highway. It was so incredibly fun! I don't have pictures from that but I WILL have video soon and I will share it with you all.

So that's all. Amazingly fun weekend.


------Read below this line if you would like to experience the first entry of my "Running Diary"-------

Ok first of all, I need to learn how to stretch it out. I didn't stretch before the 3 mile run and ended up feeling it that night. My thigh muscle on my right leg up to my belly button was SO pulled. I could barely breath without it hurting. The next day, the DANCING day, it was much better cuz I had heating padded it up and massaged the crap out of it. Yes, yes, poor me.

So I really am going to start training for a 1/2 marathon with Amber (pictured above) soon. 16.1 miles. I'm a little scared but I know if I put my mind to it I can do it. We have to raise $4,000 which includes the trip and hotel to San Fran and research $ donations. And at the end of the race, a man in a tuxedo hands you a necklace from Tiffanys. I mean, it's pretty hilarious. But I really just want to accomplish this and I really do want to be in great shape. I'd like to be able to do things like run a few blocks and not get winded. Yano?

So there ya go. Day one, ran 3.1 miles... NOT THE WHOLE TIME BUT WHO'S COUNTING... injured myself, and almost couldn't walk. Great start.

(PS - don't worry, I have a trainer helping me to do this so I don't REALLY injure myself. I'm gonna be smart about it.)

Have a great day!!!


AnnieKNodes said...

We are so friggin' adorable. Thanks to all of the Trotters for joining in.

Good luck with your Ellen DJ tape, G!

Lynn said...

You are kind of ridiculously awesome. Most people are like "yawn, I kinda had an idea of something I wanted to do...maybe someday I will... after I... make fart noises on the couch first for a few ...days." A
And you're like not only am I gonna get fit, I'm gonna run a (1/2) marathon and dance and trot and run and film my own workout video and start a fitness program for underaged prostitutes!
I really think these girls appreciate what you do for them the most.

Glennis said...

What can I say... I spent way too much time focusing on things that I THOUGHT would make me happy. Only to find out it was all a facade.

Did I just get too deep??

Maybe someday I'll be a motivational speaker.

bristahsouljah said...

Way to go, Glesbo!

Liz said...

um, is your last name Nike? 'cause you just did it!

Maggie said...


a winner is you!