Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Shocka!

Wow, who watched American Idol last night? I can't believe Chris was booted! The poor dood looked like he had been hit by a truck. So did Katherine. She was all "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!"

That's not true, by the way. I love you, Chris, but some people have already forgotten you. Come on, can anyone WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP, tell me the first person voted out of the top 12? I can't! (but then again I have a grampy mind and forget a lot of stuff)

Also, what the hell is Chris worried about? He'll make an album, no problem. Granted, it will sound like Creed (BARFFFFF) but he'll make it and all those teen girls out there will love it. And Chris, I still think you're awesome man. I just hate Creed so much (Sorry, Brianna... I know you LOVE CREED. Esp. when you're making out on the couch. Have I said too much??)

Oh one last thing... I know Katherine's performance on Tuesday was CHEESE city but I kinda loved it. Know what I didn't love? The Elvis medly they did last night. It made my eyes leak out of my head. It was so bad!! They did THAT after criticizing Katherine's thing? Gimme a break. (ok I realize Simon was the one to criticize her and he probably has no power to pick what they sing... I know, I know)

That's all. Gle-crest, Out!

----Running Diary----

I did not run. But I DID officially sign up for the run in October. October 22nd to be exact. I also got my friends Jen and Shannon to sign up. That is really exciting!! We're going to be doing a lot of fundraising so expect to hear about something.


eliza said...

Less American Idol! More Glenni's Anatomy!
I like that show better.

Kate said...

I might be tempted to join you on your run. More deets please!