Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Deduct Tape

People, have I lost my ever loving mind!? I mean, really. First I sign up for a 1/2 marathon, then I do a few training sessions, then my friends Spo and Hammy move up to the FULL marathon and I'm all inspired and I really am a pretty good runner (just ask Erin & Sarah who I ran with last night. you don't know them? sorry. I guess you'll just have to take my word for what a GOOD RUNNER I AM.) so I decide that:


It can be done! Did you know, according to my friend Melissa, that only 1% of the population completes marathons? Is that for lack of trying or for lack of energy. Am I going to fall down half way through with crap in my pants? (I seriously do not want to crap my pants. IT'S NOT THAT WORTH IT TO ME. I'll still run and raise money but the minute I feel crap about to exit my buns while I'm out in public, all bets are off.)

So, would you like to help me raise this $$? COOL! Go here and you can donate securely using your credit card.

AND REMEMBER: all donations are completely tax deductible!! Yay!!

As of 1:53pm, Wednesday, May 24th I have raised $650!! Incredible!!

But listen, I know not everyone has money to spare. Trust me, I know. Don't feel like if I don't get a donation I'm going to be like, "screw that dude!!" I honestly just want people to donate if they have a little to spare. OK : )

Speaking of tax deductible. I think food/calories should be deductible as well. There'd have to be some sort of system and a magic being of sorts... but it'd be great... just keep track of the meals you want deducted from your gross total body weight at the end of the year. Just a thought.


Maggie said...

i will support you after i get paid my dear.

p.s. did you watch lost? omgwtfbbq

im so confused.

Glennis said...

Dude, I know. I'm waiting for Pink is the New Blog's recap, he always sees/gets things I miss.

Also, you are a dearly one for your support. : )

Love, G