Monday, May 15, 2006


I got a facial today. And while getting the facial, while laying on the cozy table covered in blankets, soft music playing, awesome scents wafting about... All I could think was "I feel so guilty for doing this. I should be doing something else." But what... what else should I be doing? I took an hour and a half out of my day to meet up with my friend Violet, relax, and take care of myself. Is that terrible?

The other day Oprah had a show about why women hate themselves, and how many women DO hate themselves. And it was SO DANG SAD to watch! It was like, "oh my god, 80% of women are like this. And I think I'm one of them! Good lord, that is depressing." She talked about how anorexia, bulemia, over-eating, smoking, doing drunks, drinking too much, not taking care of ourselves in general is all, in part, about not have enough respect for ourselves. I wonder if biting nails and picking scabs falls in there? I hate to believe something whole heartedly but I sort of believe this.

I don't know. I know everything is fine in moderation (except heroin...please don't do this stuff even in moderation. Thank you.) but I feel like there's some truth to that thought.

So on that note, I thought about that, directly after my "i shouldn't be doing this" thought and made myself relax. And the rest of the facial was awesome. But it still makes me sad that women are raised with such little respect for themselves.

Oh and I'm gonna be outside my house today giving hugs to ladies. I'm not sure how well that will be received. But I do love a good hug and I do LOVE MYSELF. The more I say that, the more it's true.

Oh and therapy. Therapy is amazing. Basically I just can't imagine having kids and being responsible for passing on craziness to them... but I really want to have kids so I'm trying to round myself out and make myself a better person. It's gonna take a while but I think it's worth it.

Also, this Oprah was on the tails of another one I watched about little girls (like... LITTLE girls... 3-5 yrs old) who either thought they were too fat (TOO FAT!?), or would freak out without makeup on, or just plain thought they were ugly. And where did they learn this? From watching their mothers. GOD. So much responsibility!

So, in short, do something to show yourself you love you. You will be happier : )

-----Ellen Update----
The video is almost done! It looks SO awesome! I took great pictures with Miss Shelly Stover the other day that added another extra OOMPH to the video. I'll post it as soon as it's done!

----Running Journal----
Our first day of training was Saturday and I ran 3.4 miles without stopping which is pretty good for me! I kept the same pace the whole time, regulated my breathing and tried to focus on my form. Of course, the entire day after that, my legs were KILLING me. So tired!

Already, just from that one day, I felt a bond with these people. Shannon O'Neill and Amber Moelter (also running with me, as well as Jen Hammaker and Rachel Werbel who could not be there Saturday) ran the whole thing as well and when I saw them I was like "yes! you are so awesome! Yay! WE are awesome!!" Strong bonds are going to grow from this.

It's not too late to sign up! Please, if you want to get in great shape, and do it for a GREAT cause, email me. glennisthemenace at gmail dot com.

Have a great day my darlings.


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