Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tribal Called Quest

One of the best... No. THE BEST.

THE BEST show on television right now is "Going Tribal" on the Discovery Channel.

Tuesdays, 10pm, Discover Channel

It's freaking awesome you guys.


"Going Tribal follows former Royal Marine and expedition leader Bruce Parry as he tests the physical limits of living with ancient tribes in some of the world's most remote areas.

Parry sheds social trappings (and sometimes his Western clothes) by living alongside people from the virtually unexplored areas of the Himalayas, Ethiopia, West Papua, Gabon and Mongolia. To the degree possible, while spending a month immersed in each society, Parry also tries to adopt the methods and practices of his hosts."

And does he ever adopt. Everything from removing every last stitch of clothing to hunting and fishing and eating with them. He eats WHATEVER they eat. He sleeps where they sleep. It's amazing and I am totally enamoured with this man. He has this gentle sort of impish charm about him. He eases the nervous tribes' minds a few minutes after meeting them, and before his month is up he is accepted as one of the family. Often times tears are shed as he leaves. It's amazing and awesome and you must check it out.

I just finished watching an episode where he goes to Indonesia to live with the Kombai tribe and they are Cannibals! They believe if a person kills another person for no reason that they are evil and you must kill them and eat them because the evil spirit lives in their brain and stomach. I mean, come on you guys. It's AWESOME.

I want full updates after you've watched it about how awesome it is and how much you love Bruce.

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