Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Step Up!

You guys I just realized that I am a responsible adult because I bought an expensive pair of sunglasses and I've had them for like 5 weeks and haven't broken or lost them!

Anyway, as Tim Gunn would say; Carrying On...

Now, I don't want you guys to be jealous, but I saw "Step Up" last night with Eliza and it was ah-soooome! The movie had it all and I know you THINK you know what I'm going to say about it (that Channing Tatum was H-O-T) and you would be right in that assumption.

Channing Tatum put the Hot in "Let's get a Hotel and you can make sweet love to me."

The man should be featured on the cover of Torso, Butt & Neck magazines. Wow. The only thing taking away from the hotness that is CeeTatum was his RIDICULOUS dancing. The man could dance but looked RIDICULOUS doing it. His neck bobbled and weaved and he was all over the place moving like a bean in a fryin pan!

Oh that reminds me... I just coined three new phrases:

"That's Wayzee Okayzee"
"It's Mighty Alrighty"
"That was Willy Wonkee" (referring to something crazy that's just happened)

Anyway, back to ChanTate...

So he moved like Jar Jar Binks but looked like this:

(Snake in a Hanes! Yeah! Uh Uh! YEAH! Go, Glennis!)


I also hated the outfit he wore through most of the 1st part of the movie. It's so girly that I just said that. But anyway, it was kind of stupid.

And by FAR the best actor of the movie was what we called The Break Dance Girl! from the Missy Elliott video and JC Penney (??) commercials, Alyson Stoner. Wait, her last name is Stoner? So if you just use her first initial and last name she'd be A. Stoner? What if she marries Andrew Crackhead? ANYWAY. She is aaadorable and we both agreed we needed to see more breakdancing from her.

The best part of the movie, IMO, was the audience. Eliza and I kept giggling when people would make comments about what was happening on screen, "Ohhh SHIT! White boy can dance!" and would wait with eager anticipation for the audience to break into applause. It happened once... toward the end... and now for the life of me I can't remember what happened. It must have been the final dance number (all movies should end in a final dance number) which is also the picture above.

Also, is it just me or is ChannyTatey kind of cross eyed? And by cross eyed I mean totally hot with a cobra in his shorts. I need to stop.

Overall the movie was perfect. Exactly what I expected and more. I wasn't surprised once and could have written the movie in my sleep but it really puts you in the dancing mood (which I always enjoy, as we all know) and you can expect me to have purchased the soundtrack by, oh, tomorrow morning.

Speaking of dance, can I just reiterate to you guys (vie my other blog) how awesome the Peaches album "Impeach My Bush" (take out the "My") is? It's awesome to dance and work out to and you should get it.

In summary: "STEP UP" RULEZ!!


Natasha said...

Oh my God, I saw the trailer for this movie with my friend and we said instantly that we had to see it when it came out. Damn me and having a baby making it nearly impossible to see it before it leaves theatres! Your review was perfect though. The next best thing to seeing it.

Glennis said...

Speaking of babies! Yours is GORG and you are so lucky!! You will see the movie either a) on DVD or b) on a plane. And both times it will be just as good. Although not quite as good as the picture of CT in briefs.

Natasha said...

Thank you!!

And the picture of CT in his briefs will have to hold me over until I can watch it on DVD. Seriously CT, hold me.