Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let's Move On, Shall We?

Now, I know this is going to break your hearts but try to hold it together ok?

I am not Ellen's new DJ.

I found an article online saying that a Radio DJ from somewhere was one of the final 4 being considered for the job. Also, she starts shooting on Monday.

Here's what kinda blows... I never got a rejection letter! If they never got my submission or I was late... well that's just a bummer.

But oh well, right guys! Life goes on! Whatever's supposed to happen, happens!

Group hug.

Glennis : )


'Chelly G said...


Megan said...

You were just too good, Ellen couldn't handle your competition!

Glennis said...

I guess you're right, Megan! Ah well... I still think she's the beez kneez and I know there's something even better in store for me!

Anne said...

I'm bummed about this. I really thought you had it in the bag. I say we get tickets to a show and make t-shirts that say "ELLEN'S NEW DJ REJECT". Maybe she'll feel bad and talk to us.

Kate said...

Hey I am really bummed about this news.

I think you're fabulous Glennis!

Jeffrey Marx said...

I think the abscence of a rejection letter means that you were seriously considered. They haven't given you one yet because you went so far. You were probs set aside so consider later, but that never happend. Now, they may have forgotten to give you you may never get one.

You can be my DJ though.

Anonymous said...

Ellen said on her show that the two of them met when he DJ'ed her birthday. Her birthday was in JANUARY. He also did not submit a video tape. I think they knew alllll along who her next DJ was going to be, but we (I submitted a video, too, AND got a rejection letter and I hadn't sent mine in 'til July) were all led to believe she was actually conducting a nationwide search ... I feel had.

LuciannaB said...

Wait, seriously, Ellen's stupid. I won't watch her new 4pm show out of anger at her totally scamming the system and not choosing you to be her DJ. I don't know you at all (except for one time seeing I Eat Pandas kick ass at an improv tournament-thingy), but ever since I saw your video to be the DJ, I've had secret hopes of it happening. Now what will I focus my energy on? (only kinda kidding)

Glennis said...

You guys are so sweet. Thank you! Maybe Ops will decide to have a DJ on her show and hire me.