Thursday, August 31, 2006

If by Classy you mean Trashy

I have to say the best part of watching Project Runway last night was Kayne. Kayne... I love you, you (low-fat) corn fed hick. And I can call you that because I, myself, have hick roots. And because you call yourself that. I find you completely endearing and I love the fact that you love every outfit you make in a dear and sweet way (and not a delusional and WRONG way, like Angela. WHAT THE EFF WAS SHE THINKING YESTERDAY!?!)

But I seriously almost choked on my diet coke when you thought the "Trendy, Jet Setting" person they'd be designing for (who I think he also said was glamorous) was TARA REID.

Are we talking about the same Tara Reid here, Kayne? The one that inspires artists to do this?

Oh Kayne, Kayne, Kayne.

Anywho...the show was great and I'm so glad they kicked off who they did!


Egg Cream said...

You look hot in that red shirt!!!!!

Glennis said...

How can I possibly look hot when I'm doing my retarded dance? How?! And thank you.

Maggie said...

awww i freakin LOVE kayne!

and yeah, ya look hot. and maybe a little blind.