Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On the Radio. Ooh woaaooooh. On the Radio.

I know there are people out there who get insulted if they're included in something just because they are dating someone or friends with someone. Well folks, that ain't me! I'm like the Kathy Griffin of way-way-way underground comics who no one's ever heard of outside my small comic bubble in NY. I'LL TAKE ANY JOB. Even if it doesn't pay. A job is a job is a job. I'll suck di… ok wait… I won't take any job.

But honestly I'm just as flattered to get a job because the director saw me in something and sought me out as a job that my boyfriend got me because I'm his special lady and he knows he'll get some good hea… JESUS. Sorry. This is making me sound really whorish.

So last night Becky and I did the Maxim Sirius Radio show and it was AWESOME. Becky was recommended to them by her friend Adira and was told she could bring someone along and she chose ME! I was beyond flattered because I think Becky is one of the most talented ladies I know. One of those people who thinks outside the box and always makes me laugh. Just love her.

We talked for an hour on the show about dicks and dudes and what not to say on the first date and how long you wait to have sex with someone (coupla hours, amirite?) and it was SO fun. Talked to a few callers or really just kind of talked about what they were calling in about. The time flew, Becky drank some v2 vodka and I had the biggest tea known to man and coughed during the commercial breaks.

This all made me want to get a job in radio! I loved sitting in the studio bantering with the hosts (DeVore and Diana are AWESOME hosts. Adorable and talented and hilarious!!) and listening to callers and oh man I loved it! Get me a job in radio, please!

Here's a picture from our adventures. Adorable little spitfires aren't we?

On the radio and On FIRE

Oh! And right before us in the studio was Lisa Lampinelli! I mean, I don't want to be all technical and shit but technically she opened for us. I'm just saying.

I hope we can get a copy of the show and post it as some point. Yama's boyfriend heard it and said it was funny. But he might have said that because he wanted B to touch his D.

Have a great day!!




Michelle said...

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