Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Super-Eyes

I love surprises. LOVE them. However, I am hardly ever surprised because I always expect a surprise. On the other hand I guess you could say I'm surprised when I don't get a surprise after expecting one. Surprise pity party!

The best surprise I've pulled off was when Kelsey (the lil nutter) came to visit me for her 21st birthday. She didn't yet live in New York and didn't have any friends here but I wanted her to have an awesome birthday none the less. I devised a plan with my besties Marcy and Noni to fool her into thinking I was throwing a surprise party with the three of us at my apartment. I went all out (I think I even made a cake…which is a lot for me - I'm pretty sure it was disgusting) bought balloons, streamers, party hats…the whole nine. Kelsey showed up and with all the lights on we said "surprise" and sat down pretending that was it. I mean, a trip to NY and time with ME for your birthday… not bad. But your 21st? Takin it down to Lamestown, y'all. So after about an hour of cake eating (suffering) and gift opening I said "let's go downstairs to your first bar as a 21 year old (I mean ever)!" I lived over on 21st and 3rd and there are as many bars over there as there are douchebags to fill them up. So we headed down, Kelsey in her princess crown, to get in some of-age drinking. As we're walking down there street a limo is parked on the corner. I say to Kelsey, "how much will you give me if I jump in the back of that limo." She looks at me like I'm crazy and rolls her eyes. I say no no really how much! "Nothing! Don't do that!" she replies as she sees that mischievous glint in my eyes. I say "I'm gonna do it" and run over to the limo, hop in the back all the while Kelsey's standing there in her pretty little crown thinking I'm going to jail on her birthday. From inside I roll down the window and say "Happy Birthday Kelsey! This limo's for you!" She ran over, hopped inside and we drank for 3 straight hours while the driver circled Manhattan. Trips through Times Square meant screaming out the window "I'm famous!" and I'm pretty sure Kelsey had the best time ever.

Because I'm such a big fan of surprises I decided recently that I was going to throw Matthew a big one. I'd always wanted to do this in the past for certain people who shall not be named but those certain people wouldn't have enjoyed or appreciated it. So sit on it. Matthew is one of those people who is not only grateful for what you give him but enjoys every second of every minute of every day. I knew he'd love it.

His actual birthday was the 9th but because we went to his friend's cabin that weekend I had to wait until the following weekend.

The boy knew something was up. I am very bad at surprises when I'm afraid the person might become unavailable. And because he performs almost every night I feared he might be busy and the surprise would be sur-spoiled. While prepping for it I was talking to Liz online about how I wanted to make him a spidey cake (his fave superhero and mine) but that I knew I'd mess it up. In true bestie fashion Liz said "I'll do it. I love that stuff!" And proceeded to make the most amazing Spider Man cake maybe of all time? Can I say that having never had any other Spidey cakes? I think I can.

I told everyone to show up at 9pm but a few people arrived earlier to help me out. We got some booze, some mixers, some snacks and they hung some streamers. Everyone was in the house by 9:30 - the time Matt was scheduled to arrive. I told him some story about having plans with me and to wear a nice button-down (to throw him off the trail!) and said to meet me at my house.

Everyone's standing around chatting and suddenly the buzzer! And then the most hilarious 2 minutes took place. Everyone running back to my room, some staying in the kitchen, everyone screaming "what do we do!? What do we do!!? LIGHTS OFF OR ON!!?!? AHHHH!!!" while I screamed "Shh!! Shhh!!! ShhhhUT UP!!!" and buzzed him in.

He walked into a dark apartment slowly as I hid in the kitchen. When he got close to the door to the kitchen we FLIPPED ON THE LIGHTS AND SCREAMED "SURPRISE!!!!"

I thought the boy was going to have a heart attack. He must have jumped back two feet, his face turned bright red and he was in a daze for about 5 minutes after, all the while grinning from ear to ear. The rest of the night we partied down like it was going out of style, Matt inHALED Liz's cake ("Best. Cake. EVER!!") and fun times were had by all.

My favorite part aside from the surprise was the trick candles. But that's just because I'm a little stinker.

And thus concludes the two best surprises I've (kinda, sorta) pulled off. I'm pretty sure Matty knew what was going on but was a saint for playing along and putting on that nice button-down.

Who's next on Glennis' surprise road trip across life?? (ew) Maybe you?! Or you!? Or even, yes... even you.

Who knows.

Who knows.

Only time will tell.

I'm going to get oatmeal.

Have a great day. :)




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