Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Read It, DumDum!

Oh my god, you guys. Did you know that there are about a million "For Dummies" books out there? Well now, thanks to an impromptu shopping trip to Barnes & Noble on Sunday (after some delicious noodles at Republic with compadre among compadres, Marcy... ew that sentence sounded really boojie) where I was looking for something on starting a business (for DDPP - I know it sounds ridiculous but in the back of my mind I just know we can make something of this little engine). There was a whole table of the books near the business section and the first one I spotted was "Relationships for Dummies."

I of course picked it up and said to Marcy, "har har! I need this!" ...then slipped it in my jacket. I WON'T BE CAUGHT BUYING THAT BOOK. (I'm, of course, kidding. Shoplifting is bad when you get caught and I'm not cool enough not to, though it should be stated that I approve of getting just about anything for free except herpes which should always be paid for.) So after seeing that book I found one on Small Business Marketing which seemed to suit my needs and started to head downstairs to pay when Marcy starts laughing. I rush over to where she's standing and we find this book.

Storms a-brewin!

Amazing. Bipolar Disorder for Dummies. AMAZING! Then, right next to it, I spotted this book:

"Don't take this personally but you don't sound like you know what the fuck you're talking about... mind me asking where you went to school to become a Psychologist?"

I think I'm going to write one called "Karaoke for Dummies" which will include the tips:

* Don't sing a song you only know the chorus to.
* Don't sing Total Eclipse of the Heart because no one will ever sing it better than Glennis. (You don't know GlennisSHUTUP.)
* No one wants to hear you sing Dido no matter how much you "sound like her".
* End big.
* Sell it!
* Two words: O TOWN.

I'm half-way there!

Moving on...

My lovely and wonderful friend Jen is doing a project where, every day for an entire year, she does something that she's never done. That is AMAZING and awesome, you guys! I photographed her and Liz skipping a city block the other day (I was still too tired and sick to participate in the skipping) which was adorable but I've got to say, nothing is more adorable than what she posted on Monday. MAYBE a hamster riding a unicorn. MAYBE that is cuter. I SAID MAYBE.

Final note: I'm eating baby carrots in an attempt to keep from eating baby snickers and I gotta say... nah-so-goo.

Have a great day!



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