Friday, April 06, 2007

Hip Hop Is Alive

And so am I.

I realize my posts have been less frequent and you can, as usual, thank my job for that. Any mention of blogging in that office and fireworks shoot from their poopers! Poor blogs... they get such a bad rap. They're just trying to let us express ourselves!! Fuck. Also, blogging at home sucks. I have better things to do like play Justin Timberlake and dance around in my underwear. Start the fantasyyyyyyyyNOW.

Any hip hop fans out there? Can we please discuss how great Nas' album "Hip Hop is Dead" is? Please? I got the album when it came out but had to wait until the right time to listen to it. The right time was the past 3 days because honestly I have been listening to it NON-STOP. My favorite song (they're all great) is "Who Killed It?" Is that Nas rapping? Does anyone know? It doesn't sound like him and's SO fucking great. -WELL WHAT DO YA SHEAY?- But I swear to god no one will agree with me. It's just my weird music sense... don't ever hire me to be a record exec, I swear to god. People would be like SERIOUSLY?? You're fired.

My 10-year reunion is coming up in August. I think I'm excited. I'm really not quite sure why yet. What do I think will happen? It will probably be awkward as fuck until the booze starts flowing. Thank god for booze, right?

I had such a glamorous life today. I woke up at 11am, took a long shower, did a voice-over audition, visited Carrie at work (and got a free soda - whatwhat!?), met Kate for her birthday lunch at Pastis, had a LONG leisurely lunch (with wine, thank you very much), accompanied her to her cousin's apartment to walk Luca the Chihuahua then sat at an outdoor cafe and had two Hoegaardens as Luca sat on Kate's shoulder. Silly pup. Now I'm home for a bit then doing a show at 10. Both Kate and I agreed this was the kind of day trust-fund babies must have every day. More like trust-FUN, am I right guys!?

Shit. That's all I have to say! I'm such an asshole.

Have a great night!



PS - I have an awesome new show/project coming up. Stay tuned!! :)

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